Your webshop

That is what it is all about. Although we will go in to detail about what we can offer you, it is all about what you want to achieve. What, but especially what your vision on your webshop is? What is important to you and where do you differentiate? Let us know and we will see how we can make your dream come true!

Fully customized, only $700.00

We work from a basic design for every webshop. This basic setup contains everything you need: website, catalog, ordering process and online payment. On top of this basic set-up, we design a customized web shop for you. If you don't have any any additional technical requirements, your webshop can be build for only $700.00.

Tailor-made design

Online shopping is largely about the experience. A web store must match the products and the target group in terms of atmosphere. That is why we work together with you in 3 rounds to design that fits your vision perfectly!

Tailored to your products

Not only in terms of design, but also in offerings, no two webshops are the same. That is why we customize the webshop to your products. When presenting the products and selection of all its variations, sizes and colors available.

Your position in Google

Especially with a webshop you want to be found in Google. That is why we pay attention to SEO in all areas. We optimize the webshop, provide it with an SSL certificate and ensure that the web store is loaded quickly!

Hosting, mail and backup

You are focussed on managing and promoting your web store, not on technical matters. That is why we make the magic happen. The webshop solution includes hosting, backups, maintenance and webmail.

Contact us

Would you like to start today or are you still orientating? In which phase of preparation you are, we are happy to help. From forming some ideas, to an estimate of the costs to a full quotation.

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