Custom design for your webshop

Design is the distinguishing factor for a web store. For this reason, we do not limit ourselves by a template, but we design the web shop completely tailored to your needs. This is our aproach:

Design around your brand and style

Online shopping is for a large part experience. Just like in a normal store, a visitor looks at whether your web store suits him or her. Design plays an essential role in this. Even when you see the homepage, the visitor must already feel he or she is at the right place. Through the correct use of colors, images, layout and small details, we create an atmosphere that conveys your brand. That design is consistently applied to all other parts of the website.

Design, customer experience and conversion

Convinced by the design, the atmosphere and the general brand, a visitor begins to explore your webshop. Then the way in which design and functionality work together will play a major role. Does everything work intuitively? Does the way of shopping suit your brand? Is it fast enough and does it work on mobile? These questions we ask ourselfs when setting up the webshop.

Not all design choises are immediat noticeable to a visitor. They like a webshop or they don't. That opinion is formed based on all those design details. Details that we pay attention to so that visitors become customers.

Product pages within your webshop

The place where atmosphere, design and functionality come together are the product pages. Your webshop can distinguish itself here. Is the focus on appearance, such as clothing or cosmetics? Then we design a page with lots of space for photos. Do (technical) details play a major role, such as with electronics? Then we look at how we put all that information clearly on one page. Stunts with the prices? Then we set the prices down noticeable, without compromising the design.

Contact us

Would you like to start today or are you still orientating? In which phase of preparation you are, we are happy to help. From forming some ideas, to an estimate of the costs to a full quotation.

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