Webshop features

Manage each article separately

That you can change the name, description and price of each product is obvious. But there's more Manage the display, availability and stock of each product with the greatest of ease.

More about managing products


Adjust every detail

When setting up a webshop you have to pay attention to a lot of details. And you won't get all details immediately right. Luckely you can fine-tune the general settings at any time.

More on general settings you can fine-tune


Manage your prices and invoices

You'll probably want to earn something from your webshop. Therefore you need to be able to trust that the prices, discounts, VAT and invoicing are done correct. That is why we fine-tune it to your situation.

More on pricing and invoicing in your webshop


Contact us

Would you like to start today or are you still orientating? In which phase of preparation you are, we are happy to help. From forming some ideas, to an estimate of the costs to a full quotation.

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