Options per product

Every time you add or edit a product you have the possibility to adjust various settings and properties. Below an overview of the options available. Not all options are available in every webshop, this depends on the configuration. Do you miss options you would like to use? Please contact us.

Name and description of your product

When filling in the name and description of your product, you might take in to consideration how it will influince your position in the search enginges. Because this is where search enginges will look at to determine which search results this page is relevant to. For example, if you sell t-shirts, do not call your product "red with print" but "red t-shirt with print". This way, search engines know the page is about a t-shirt and is relevant to t-shirst buying search queries.

For more information check out our manual for writing search engine friendly texts.


With the check mark for availability you can temporarily hide a product from your catalog. If the check mark is off, the product is no longer available entirly. Not in the overview, but also the url of the product is no longer available. Is this too rigorous? Then use the stock option to indicate that the product is no longer available.

The price of your product

Add the price in the valuta your webshop is set to use (dollars by default). It is important that before you start to enter prices, the setting for in- or excluding VAT is correct.

Image(s) of your product

Depending on the configuration and design of your webshop you can add one or more images. You can read how to upload the images in the manual on working with images.

Make sure the images are large enough. They are automatically made smaller by the system when needed. Also make sure that you use images that are suitable for use on websites.


With the number of items in stock field you can specify how many of these items you still have in stock. Every time an order is placed, this number is automatically reduced by the number of items in that order. You only need to update this field when a new stock arrives.

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