Product pricing and invoices

You'll probably want to earn something from your webshop. Therefore you need to be able to trust that the prices, discounts, VAT and invoicing are done correct. That is why we fine-tune it to your situation.

Easy management of prices

You can easily enter and adjust prices for your products using the back-end. In adddition, it is also possible to do using via the front-end. If you see a price on a product page that is not correct (anymore), then you can adjust it directly.

Adjust product prices via Excel

As your webshop grows, it will take more and more time to keep prices up to date. That is why we offer the option to update prices via Excel. Download the file with the prices, update the prices and upload the file again.

Shipping costs

In addition to the costs for the products, you have the costs of sending. Because shipping costs differ per webshop, you can specify and update the shipping costs  yourself.

You can also choose not to cahrge shipping costs above a certain amount. What this amount should be is up to you.

Discount coupons

Summersales, stock clearance or customer loyalty. There are countless situations where your webshop can grow using discount codes.

You can easily manage these discount coupons in the back-end. Enter a code and determine how much percent discount it gives. The code becomes active immediately.

Whether or not to include VAT in your price

Depending on whether you sell to consumers or companies it is customary to show the prices including VAT. That is why you can indicate beforehand whether you will enter the prices in or excluding VAT. The display, calculations, overviews and invoices take this into account. The VAT will still be calculated and shown in both cases.

Invoicing and numbering

After each payment the webshop generates and sends an invoice. This is done in the layout of your webshop.

It is important to make a clear distinction between these invoices and the other invoices you send. Both must form a conclusive series in numbering. That is why you have the possibility within the system to provide the invoice numbers with a clearly distinguishable series.

Contact us

Would you like to start today or are you still orientating? In which phase of preparation you are, we are happy to help. From forming some ideas, to an estimate of the costs to a full quotation.

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