Fine tune your webshop settings

When setting up a webshop you have to pay attention to a lot of details. And you won't get all details immediately right. Luckely you can fine-tune the general settings at any time.

Open the list of settings

You open the list of settings by clicking the "Webshop settings" pin. Is this pin not on your home screen? Then you can easily add it from the list of popular pins.

Invoice formatting

You want (the tone off) the message on an invoice to be right. Which means:

  • The invoice must be clear
  • The invoice must be pleasant
  • The sender of the invoice must be recognizable

You can get your invoices in order with the following settings:

Payment term (in days)

This payment term is stated on the invoice. This way customers who have not paid online know for which date they must have paid the invoice.

Own address on invoice

Add your own address, bank details and other information here.

Footer text invoice

You can enter general information in the footer text. For example how can the customer reach you if there are questions about the invoice?

Logo for the invoice

By placing a logo on the invoice, it is immediately clear to the recipient from whom the invoice comes.

Delivery charge

In addition to the total costs, you often also charge delivery costs. With the Delivery costs setting you can set how high these are.

In addition, with the setting "Amount till where the delivery costs are charged" you can set above which amount no delivery costs need to be charged anymore.

Pending payment

Some payments have are not completed directly. An example of this is a credit card payments. It can sometimes take up to two weeks for before the payment is released to your account. However, it has already been deducted from the customer's credit immediately. How do you handle the order in the meantime? This is a consideration between the user-friendliness on the one hand and the risk of a default on the other. And that choice is entirely up to you with this setting.

Invoice numbers

The invoice number is automatically increased for each invoice. In principle, you never need to adjust this setting.

However, it is possible that you send an invoice outside the webshop. You can then give it the next number and increase the invoice number with this setting.

Prices in or excluding VAT

Before entering your prices please indicate whether prices are inclusive or exclusive VAT. Generally you enter prices including VAT if your customers are consumers and exclusive if your customers are companies. The VAT costs will still be calculated on the overview in your webshop and on the invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: once you have entered your prices, they will not be corrected. After adjusting this tick you have to enter the prices yourself again.

Maximaal aantal te selecteren

Bij elk product kan een klant aangeven hoe veel hij of zij hier van wil bestellen. Dit aantal is gelimiteerd op basis van de voorraad. Als de voorraad echter heel groot is wordt dit aantal alsnog gelimiteerd. Simpelweg omdat iemand niet snel 500 broeken besteld. Hoe hoog dit standaard limiet moet zijn kan je instellen bij "Maximaal aantal bij productselectie". De standaard is 10 producten.

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